Probe Cones

Probe cones are used for Dynamic Probing which determines the resistance of soils.

Probe Cones
Probe Cones

Probe cones are used for Dynamic Probing which determines the resistance of soils in-situ in accordance with BS 1377 Part 9. They are also a cost-effective method for installing gas and water monitoring wells.

Probe cones can be sacrificial or retained and are available in stainless, bright or oil hardened steel or HDPE.

MGS stocks the items detailed below as standard but can manufacture a wide range of probe cones to meet BS 1377 Part 9 as well as individual rig requirements.


# Outside diameters from 31mm to 50mm
# Inside diameters from 19.05mm to 25 mm
# Angles from 34 to 90

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