The same capability as the Multidrill XL ‘basic version’ but with the added benefit of the built-in Fraste Manipulator for the automatic loading of drill pipes, with on-board storage or 40 3m drill pipes.

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Suitable for rotary drilling for water wells, geothermal drilling, geotechnical investigation, seismic, coring.
It is a compact, strong and modular-construction unit. A wide range of drilling accessories is available for a custom-built solution for a variety of drilling jobs. Direct and reverse fluid circulation system with easy switching system. Air drilling with DTH hammer operated by a separate air compressor.


# Hydraulic chuck
# Rotary heads with different torques & speeds
# Winches wire-line winches
# Pistons, screw and centrifugal mud pumps
# Foam injection pump
# DTH hammer line lubricator
# Single or double drilling clamp
# Casing pullers
# SPT dynamic penetrometer for soil tests
# Electric generator-welding unit
# Air compressor
# Interlocking guard
# Remote operation radio control for all drilling functions

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