Multidrill PL

Compact and agile, it is perfect for foundations, micro-piles, anchoring, tie piles, restorations, geotechnical applications, ground investigations, diamond coring and small to medium water wells.

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Multidrill PL
Multidrill PL

Entry level for Fraste crawler mounted drill rigs, it is available in three versions (PL.A, PL.V and PL.G) with different drilling masts according to the drilling job to be done. 


# Rotary heads with different torques & speeds
# Winches
# Pistons and screw mud pumps
# Foam injection pump
# DTH hammer line lubricator
# Hydraulic hollow spindle chuck
# Casing pullers
# SPT dynamic penetrometer for soil tests
# Electric generator-welding unit
# Air compressor
# Interlocking guard
# Remote operation radio control for all drilling functions

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