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About MGS

What we do
We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of specialist quality products for use in ground investigation, water well and geothermal drilling applications, dynamic sampling rigs, rotary rig tooling,  landfill gas and leachate extraction and high load railway drainage pipes.

Our capabilities include:

Design & Engineering

Our in-house Engineering team develops and continually improves our product range plus providing full technical support to our manufacturing and sales teams. Using the latest 3D CAD systems together with lean manufacturing techniques it ensures efficient manufacturing together with quality products are met.

Slotting, Perforating & Threading

With a capability to process thermoplastic pipes from 12 to 710mm we can provide a wide range of specialist pipes for Geotechnical, Environmental, Landfill and Civil Engineering applications. Our standard range includes GeoScreen, DuroScreen, DuroDrain, TerraDrain, TerraLine and TerraFilter. In addition specialist pipes can be produced to meet customer requirements.

Plastic Fabrication

A wide range of plastic fabrications is available, utilising the latest thermoplastic welding techniques, including butt fusion, electro-fusion, socket and extrusion welding.

Geothermal products include borehole exchange loops which, are SKZ certified, pressure tested and meet GSHPA standards plus a range of manifold chambers and fittings.

Landfill gas and leachate management products include wellheads, knock-out pots, manifolds, telescopic shafts and bespoke fabrications.

Steel Fabrication

Our expertise and equipment allow us to create almost any steel product to our customers specific requirements such as gas venting stacks and protective covers. Our fabrication processes include cutting, rolling, guillotining, folding, drilling and welding.

Stock & Distribution
Large stocks of finished products together with raw materials and are held within our three locations in Bury St Edmunds, Coventry and Cramlington Products to ensure fast and efficient availability.

Sales Support

We have a team of product specialists who provide expert knowledge and advice on all our products to ensure the best solution is provided for the application.

REGISTERED OFFICE: Geotechnical Centre, Rougham Industrial Estate, Rougham, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP30 9ND. Registered in England: 2481929