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Carstairs Rail Project, Glasgow

3 June 2020

MGS has supplied a Pagani TG63-150 for use in a large-scale infrastructure SI project near Glasgow to investigate a railway embankment up to 10m in height which had instability issues. CPTu profiles were required to 15m depth in the 4ft space between the tracks, complemented by dynamic sampling on the shoulders and side of the embankment using window sampling rigs.

Scottish site Investigation company SKF Ltd used the TG63-150 as it is small enough to move between the tracks and can quickly be towed and lifted into position using a 360 road-railer. It boasts a 16 tonne pushing capacity to carry out CPTs to the full depth.

The Pagani rig was able to anchor itself down, driving through the 2m depth of ballast to get the full reaction required to use its 16 tonne pushing capacity. 15m of CPTs took around one hour including set-up time with real-time results.

The Pagani CPTu testing provided full uninterrupted data/results profiles of the embankments with end-cone and skin friction values every 1 cm depth, even for the weak material, which gave SPT values of 0 and 1 including measurements of porewater pressure.

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