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Dynamic Sampling & Rotary Follow-on

9 July 2019

One rig, one job with continuous liner samples for the full depth of the hole.

That’s what you get with the new DRF System which enables a rotary rig, in conjunction with a soil sampling hammer, to dynamically sample through overburden and then go straight into rotary coring.

The DRF – Dynamic Sampling and Rotary Follow-on – will be on the MGS stand (2&3) at Geotechnica this week.

“Using one casing size for leaner drilling production makes it possible to deliver an in-demand service to customers,” explained Chris White, MGS Technical Sales Engineer.

The system comprises a specially-designed drive head with integrated keyways for a stronger more robust coupling and easier head removal, drive collar, spacer rod, sample casing and drive shoe to provide 76, 86, 101, 116 and 131mm samples.

Also on the stand is the Pagani TG63-150 CPTu rig and TGAS-08 which, together with the new MGS DataHub, transfer data from the field direct to Keynetix Cloud. The rig is then going to Brunel University, in a partnership between MGS and Pagani, where it will be used as part of education, technical development and research.

Pagani TG63-150 CPTu rig

Also on show is the Tecop TEC 130/130 RAM SPT unit.

The stand will also showcase the four cornerstones of MGS’site investigation business.

Geotechnica, the UK’s largest Geotechnical Conference and exhibition, on Wednesday and Thursday ( July 10 & 11) at the Warwickshire Event Centre.

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