Alucast Circular Covers

Alucast water resistant circular covers offer lightweight, high security closure suitable for borehole installations capable of withstanding a 178kN (20 tonnes) within footways, pedestrian areas and comparable areas such as car parks or car decks. Equivalent to Group 2 ,Class B125 in accordance with BS EN 124.

The body and lid are made from heavy duty aluminium, ribbed for maximum load bearing capacity and certified to AASHTO M306-10 for loads up to H-20 (178kN). They can be installed easily into either a pre-drilled circular hole or concreted into grade. They are water resistant due to the internal gasket sealing ring.

Fitted with counter sunk stainless steel locking screws and O-rings, which can be undone and re-locked easily, they offer a simple and secure locking device for groundwater monitoring wells. 

They are marked ‘Monitoring Well DO NOT FILL’ for clear identification and to avoid any unauthorised access.



  • Petrol forecourts
  • Industrial areas
  • Car parks
  • Driveways


  • Lightweight aluminium
  • Water resistant
  • Badged for extra security
  • 178kN rated
  • Lockable