Inflatable Packers

A complete range of inflatable packers are available in nine different diameters from 28 up to 170mm. All packers are made of Bimbar rubber technology and are reinforced with two layers of steel cables embedded into natural rubber.

Inflatable packers are frequently used for grout injection and other geotechnical applications such as the Wireline Packer System which is a time-saving method for conducting permeability testing during core drilling.

Thanks to their modular design, all packers offer reliable and easy operation. Inflatable elements can be replaced in the field and single packers are easily transformed into double packers.



  • Tube à manchette grouting
  • Rock grouting
  • Permeability testing
  • Bore-hole fluid sampling
  • Bore-hole wall impression testing
  • Hydraulic fracture testing
  • Industrial piping hydro-testing
  • Water wells repair
  • Aquifer monitoring


  • Diameters 28 to 170mm
  • Bimbar technology
  • Single & double packer option
  • Working pressure up to 135 bar
  • Wide operating temperature