Manifold Boxes

Manifold boxes provide central monitoring and control of multiple landfill gas extraction wells which means that smaller pipes can be fed from the wells together with less trenching as smaller pipes can be installed within a common trench.

Installation time on site is significantly reduced and being made from 20mm HDPE with an internal steel frame they are robust, suitable for burial and are completely weatherproof and watertight.

Individual inlet control is by Safi ball valves providing superior flow control together with minimal losses. Total flow is controlled by a butterfly valve on the outlet. Self-dewatering of condensate is achieved by having a 1mm in 100mm fall of the manifold body.

They are available as standard from 4 to 12 way but other be-spoke designs are available on request.



  • Landfill gas extraction


  • Robust design
  • Multiple inlets
  • Bespoke design available
  • Genuine Safi control valves
  • Gas strut lid opening
  • Four lifting eyes
  • Rust resistant frame
  • Individual Tefen monitoring points
  • Orifice plate for flow measurement
  • Self-dewatering

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