Cathodic Protection

Cathodic protection wells, often known as Deep Ground Beds, are widely installed to protect metallic objects in contact with the ground from electrolytic corrosion, particularly structures within the oil, natural gas and water industries.

Open hole ground beds use stable non-conductive, corrosion resistant casings which can be installed up to 300m depth where there is a static water level.

Deep ground bed wells are typically constructed using DN200 (8”) PVC casing and screen which is covered with a TerraFilterT mesh to prevent ingress of fines.



  • Oil pipelines
  • Oil & water tanks
  • Steel structures
  • Power lines


  • Manufactured to DIN 4925
  • Anode can be replaced
  • High collapse resistance
  • Trapezoidal thread
  • TerraFilter mesh
  • Vent pipes