Concrete Core Bit

Thin-walled, solid back end diamond core bits for drilling concrete, asphalt and masonry materials.

Bits may be supplied either with Open Back-End (O.B.E.) or Solid Back-End (S.B.E.) with standard 1.1/4″ UNC female connection.

Standard diameters are 102, 142, 152, 300 & 450mm but other sizes are available on request.

Standard length is 450mm.

Three options are available.

Red –  Flint and river gravel , reinforced concrete. Very fast cutting with good bit life

Blue –  General concrete, river gravel, granite, limestone. Good cutting speed and extended life

Black –  Asphalt & other abrasive materials



  • Reinforced concrete
  • General concrete
  • Asphalt coring


  • Fast penetration rate
  • Long life
  • Wide range