Core Keeper

The Core Keeper™ is a unique new concept for maximising core recovery and provides unparalleled performance even in traditionally difficult soils such as Thanet Sand.

Using the Core Keeper™ you can meet Category 5 for soil sampling in accordance with EN ISO 22475-1: 2006.

Instead of having a separate core lifter case and core lifter the Core Keeper™ has internally mounted, multi-hinged tabs within the core lifter case meaning no more struggling with fitting or extracting separate core lifters.

The Core Keeper™ has been designed to be compatible with most popular rotary barrels.

Typical core lifters made with spring steel or plastic often fold back and allow the sample to drop when pulling the sample barrel, particularly when the sample is granular, heavy or slippery. The Core Keeper™ has heavy-duty hinged tabs which are much stronger and properly retain the sample. They also fold in flush when rock strength material is encountered, and are not damaged, as is typically the case with spring steel core lifters.

It is used in conjunction with a bespoke designed bronze inner casing stabiliser ring. All this results in increased core recovery even in the most difficult ground conditions when recovery problems often mean dynamic sampling has to be used through the unconsolidated overburden followed by a switch to rotary coring once rock is encountered.



  • Very dense stiff cohesive soils
  • Problematic non-cohesive deposit such as Thanet   Sand Formation
  • Variable and highly fractured rock formations 
  • Coal measures


  • Replaces the complete core-lifter assembly
  • Meets the requirements of EN ISO 22475-1: 2006
  • Internal mechanical hinged tabs for retaining heavier/denser core material
  • Tabs stronger than standard core lifter fingers
  • Tabs have springs to force them into the core
  • Uses a bespoke bronze inner barrel stabiliser
  • Solid casing to stop the core from being flushed away
  • Compatible with most popular rotary barrel sizes including Geobor S