DPM 30

The DPM30 is a portable penetrometer which allows continuous dynamic penetrometer tests to be performed. For the dynamic tests, the penetrometer is equipped with a 30 kg hammer with a 200 mm stroke, operated by a hydraulic motor.

It is driven by a motor-pump unit, where the motor can be either electric (220v or 110v) or a petrol engine. A hydraulic extractor is used to extract rods, lining tubes and samplers. The penetrometer is controlled via a pedal-operated distributor. The hydraulic connections on the various components use quick connectors. Reliability proven by hundreds of units operational within Italy and around the world.


The following accessories are available:

  • Sampler for taking soil samples with limited disturbance, guaranteeing improved ability to interpret the penetrometer data
  • Removable bits
  • Lining tubes for DP tests


  • Penetrometer testing


  • Weight of hammer: 30 kg
  • Drop height: 200 mm
  • Rods in special steel: Ø 20 mm; L 1000 mm; Weight 2,4 kg
  • Cone specifications: Ø 35,6 mm; B 60°; A 10 cm²