Manufactured from non-pressure PE80, DuroDrain is drainage pipe for the control of landfill leachate. Available fully slotted or perforated or with a solid invert for maximum leachate drawdown levels.

It has a proven performance and has been installed throughout UK landfill sites for more than 25 years.



  • Landfill leachate extraction and control


  • Diameters from 110 to 450mm
  • Solid invert available
  • Open area 5-10%
  • Slotted or perforated
  • Available in SDR 17.6 and SDR 11
  • Plain ended
  • Non-pressure PE80 to DIN 8074
  • Standard ATV 127 static calculations to prove design suitability
  • Suitable for butt and electrofusion welding