Technidrill Wireline Range

The Technidrill N-WL, H-WL, P-WL and Geotech S Wireline series is a range of components which produces 47, 63, 85 and 102 mm cores suitable for a wide range of geology and particularly clay, sand or loose weak formations .

It comprises of a stabiliser, support coupling, landing coupling, outer tube, extension tube, reaming shell and core bit into which fits a core barrel head, coreliner and core lifter. The core is recovered by lowering down a retrieval device (overshot) on a wireline cable which latches onto the inner tube assembly. This means that the whole drill rod string does not need to be removed after each drill run which saves a considerable amount of time. A non-coring version is also available.

Different types of lifters, reaming shells and core bits need to be selected according to geology and the method used



  • Geotechnical investigation
  • Overburden drilling including over consolidated clay


  • Suitable for a wide range of geology
  • High production rate
  • High recovery even in fractured formation
  • Double barrel system
  • Can be converted to triplex system with Coreliner
  • Large diameter core
  • Suitable for water, polymer and air flush