The Magnetocone uses a magnetometer which is a sensor that measures the strength and/or direction of the Earth’s magnetic field. Due to varying geology, the presence of any ferromagnetic material or electrical current a detectable disturbance in this magnetic field is created.

Any magnetic anomaly is picked up by the magnetometer, amplified electronically, and fed to the TGAS-08 recorder and software.

Magnetocones are typically used in ground-based electromagnetic geophysical surveys and for detecting buried items such as UXO, cables plus measuring the depth of piles.

All data can be automatically recorded using the TGAS-08 digital acquisition system.



The Magnetocone is used for ferromagnetic object detection such as:

  • Sheet-pile walls
  • Pile driving depth
  • Subsurface retaining or tieback anchors
  • Subsurface detection of power cables
  • Unexploded ordnance


  • In-situ tests  without pre-drilling
  • Geotechnical and magnetic field data simultaneously in one single push