TEC 10.2

The TECOP TEC10.2 is a small lightweight tracked dynamic sampling rig with great design features and high-level build quality brilliant for narrow difficult access works.

Featuring a rotary rig-like control panel, the TEC 10.2 is powered by a Tier 3 Hatz diesel engine and with the hydraulic mast ram and 4 jack-up stabiliser legs, it quickly goes from tracking to a flat and stable drilling platform.

The percussive effort for driving the dynamic sampling and the in-situ testing tooling is the popular SPT TEC130 RAM unit which has a proven high efficiency blow effort of over 71%. The SPT TEC unit also features new connectivity for the TECPEN digital SPT logger.

Additional options available are:

  • Single speed rotary head for concrete coring
  • Remote-control for tracking
  • Extendable tracks to take the wheelbase out from 750mm to 1050mm for greater stability
  • Hydraulic clamps for tool handling


  • Standard penetration tests (SPT)
  • Dynamic super heavy probes (DPSH)
  • Dynamic heavy probes (DPH)
  • Soil sampling with percussive core barrels
  • Installation of gas/water monitoring wells


  • Lightweight – 1050kgs
  • Fits standard door openings
  • Tough rubber crawler base
  • Tier 3 Hatz diesel engine
  • Two hydraulic pumps
  • Hydraulic controls
  • Hydraulic PTO
  • 4 x hydraulic stabiliser legs for flat set up
  • 1.65m stroke mast – capable of using 1.5m dynamic and rotary tooling for better production
  • Hydraulic clamps for tool handling
  • Uses mast ram for extracting rods – quicker production
  • Emergency stop switches
  • EC compatible safety cage with ROM system
  • 4 speed rotary head – 3 gear choices shown in the table below