Surface Set Diamond

The surface set diamond core bit is produced from a single layer of natural diamond set on the surface of the bit crown with a hard matrix and are mainly recommended for drilling soft to hard formations.

To choose a right surface set for the formations drilled diamond size, diamond grade and profile design will need to be considered.

Diamond Size                                                                    Formation Drilled

10/20 SPC*                                                                         Soft formation

20/30 SPC                                                                           Soft to medium formation

30/40 SPC                                                                           Medium formation

40/60 SPC                                                                           Medium to hard formation

60/80 SPC                                                                           Very hard formation

*Stone per Carat



  • Geotechnical investigation
  • Environmental investigation
  • Mineral exploration


  • Fast penetration
  • Good core recovery
  • Suitable for water, polymer or air flush
  • Rock group hardness 1 to 8 depending on matrix type