TEC 12.2

The TEC12.2 is a small relatively lightweight dynamic sampling rig with the advantage that it has a proper 4 speed rotary head with through flush on a 1.65m stroke mast which has hydraulic handling clamps. This means that you can offer dynamic sampling and rotary follow on work in a difficult access machine that is 750mm wide and weighs 1250kg.

Featuring a rotary rig-like control panel, the TEC 12.2 is powered by a Tier 3 diesel engine and with the hydraulic mast ram and 4 jack-up stabiliser legs, it quickly goes from tracking to a flat and stable drilling platform.




  • Standard penetration test – SPT
  • Soil sampling with percussive core barrels
  • Rotary drilling, auger drilling


  • Lightweight 1250kgs
  • Fits standard door openings
  • Tough rubber crawler base