TEC 130/130 RAM

The TECOP SPT TEC130 unit is designed to be used with a CP or rotary rig, providing a safer, more reliable, more accurate percussive force for the Standard Penetration test and dynamic sampling.

With a proven high efficiency blow effort of over 71%. The SPT TEC130 unit is proving to be a popular alternative to the traditional SPT hammer. With the moving weight fully enclosed, the simple hydraulically powered chain drive picks up and drops the weight at exactly the right place every time. The weight is in free fall with no frictional losses.

Also featuring a trip switch and digital blow counter,  new connectivity for the TECPEN digital SPT logger so you can automatically record the test location to 0.5m easting and northing with accuracy using GPS, date and time, depth using an ultrasound module and SPT blows of each test and download them for the client/site engineer as a non-corruptible unique data file – give your engineer the results straight away!



Geotechnical investigation

  • SPT testing
  • Dynamic probing – DPH & DPSH
  • Dynamic sampling

Environmental Investigation

  • Drive in piezometers
  • Installations


  • Calibration certificate
  • In accordance with BS EN 22475: Part3
  • 115kg total weight
  • Hydraulically driven- PTO or separate hydraulic power pack
  • Weight totally encased – safer to use
  • Top lifting eye
  • Easy maintained
  • Chain driven drop weight
  • Improved repeatability over standard traditional SPT hammer
  • Reduced human error – digital blow readout
  • Domed drive anvil with choice of tooling thread