The Pagani TG63-100 weighs just 910kg, making it the most lightweight tracked CPTu rig in the Pagani range.  This small machine carries a mast capable of an unmatched pushing testing force of 10tons with 12tons extractions force due and like the rest of the Pagani range, its unique mast design has incorporated self-driven modular anchors, which reduces set up times compared to other small CPT machines that require separately drilled anchors or water drums for reaction weight.

Just like larger Pagani models, the TG63-100 is versatile due to the unique Pagani design. They are the only CPTu machines to come with the choice of a static or static/dynamic mast with an incorporated 63.5kg drop weight that can push several different test cones including:

  • CPTu
  • Incorporating Seismic SCPTu
  • Magnetocone
  • Video cone
  • Dynamic sampling


  • Geotechnical investigation
  • Environmental investigation
  • Continuous dynamic or static/dynamic penetrometer tests
    • Mechanical cone (CPTm)
    • Digital piezocone (CPTu)
    • Combined CPT & seismic module (S-CPTu)



  • Choice of 16HP petrol engine
  • Electro/hydraulic controls
  • Hydraulic PTO
  • 3 x hydraulic stabiliser legs for flat set up
  • 25m stroke mast – capable of using 1.0m dynamic and CPTu tooling
  • Hydraulic clamp under the mast for tool handling
  • 12Ton extraction force
  • Emergency stop switches
  • Choice of modular anchors for different ground conditions
  • Incorporated tooling storage and CPTu rod racks for 20m of rods
  • Can climb 25-degree slopes
  • 5 Volt power outputs for running tooling and logger
  • Ergonomic design for singe operator usage
  • Excellent next day parts and calibration service
  • Comes with service parts included
  • UK training and technical service support
  • Dynamic drop weight has class leading 78% efficiency