Water Well Packers

A range of special packers and accessories designed for use within water wells.

When a pump is installed in a well using a traditional method i.e. without an inflatable packer, the production zone of the well is in direct contact with external atmosphere and the water surface. In this case, the well is not protected against potential chemical and bacterial contamination.

For an uncased well or if the casing is corroded and leaking, aquifers of different quality can be mixed lowering the produced water quality. The installation of an inflatable packer (with or without riser), eliminates the majority of these problems.



  • Production wells
  • Acidification
  • Repair
  • Cementation
  • Rehabilitation
  • Re-lining


  • Food grade certification
  • Riser-less installation
  • Pumping is selective and produces only the aquifers selected for their quality
  • The produced zone is isolated and protected against contamination from the surface
  • The zone of marling is eliminated and bacterial activity is drastically reduced
  • The well section below the packer can remains under pressure
  • Range of accessories