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Telescopic shafts long-term success

20 August 2019

MGS specially-designed telescopic shafts are being manufactured as part of the construction of two new cells at Erin Landfill.

Viridor Waste Ltd secured the services of specialist contractor Jones Bros Civil Engineering UK to construct the new cells and specified the use of MGS shafts. These telescopic extraction and monitoring shafts have proved to be a vital product in Viridor’s successful environmental control of landfill sites for more than 20 years.

Telescopic shafts were developed by MGS in 1998 and were first installed on a Viridor site. The advantage of telescopic shafts is they accommodate the large settlement within landfill waste and provide a long-term solution for monitoring and extraction of leachate.

“We are proud of our position within the UK leachate drainage sector,” explained Division Manager Dave Bland. “Our telescopic shafts were designed to meet the long-term performance required and are now installed in most of the country’s landfills.”

Pictured are slotted drainage pipe, telescopic inner and outer sleeves and base sections, complete with gravel ring and multiple inlets.

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