The TG73-200 is the largest CPTu rig in the Pagani range and capable of providing a pushing force of 20tons and 25tons of extraction force. It is relatively small and lightweight and has a highly manoeuvrable tracked unit.

It is fast, efficient and relatively low cost providing high quality quantitative results and comes with the choice of a static or static/dynamic mast with an incorporated 63.5kg drop weight that can push several different test cones including:

  • CPTu
  • Incorporating Seismic SCPTu
  • Magnetocone
  • Video cone


  • Geotechnical investigation
  • Environmental investigation


  • Weighs 2750 kg
  • Powered by 36HP 4-cylinder diesel
  • 4 hydraulic pumps
  • Electro/hydraulic controls
  • Hydraulic PTO
  • 3 x hydraulic stabiliser legs for flat set up eve on 30% slopes
  • 0m stroke mast – capable of using 1.5m dynamic tooling for better production
  • Hydraulic clamp under the mast for tool handling
  • 25Ton extraction force
  • Emergency stop switches
  • Automatic anchors for quicker set up
  • Incorporated tooling storage and CPTu rod racks for 20m of rods
  • Can climb 30% slopes
  • 5 Volt power outputs for running tooling and logger
  • Ergonomic design for singe operator usage
  • Excellent next day parts and calibration service
  • Comes with service parts included
  • UK training and technical service support